Thursday, January 12, 2012
I just wrote a post about soup. Me=loser/dork with no life.

Soup is nuts
Wednesday, January 11, 2012
I love soup, all kinds of soup, except for soup with onions in it. That's like putting poison in the well when Timmy is stuck down there. Anyway, I love soup. My favorites are the Steak and Potato soup from Campbell's Chunky land and the Traditional Chicken Noodle also from Campbell's Chunky land. I had a coupon and there was a sale (who isn't a sucker for a sale WITH a coupon?) and bought Progresso soups of the same ilk as Campbell's like Rich & Hearty - Steak & Roasted Russet Potatoes. Sounds good, right? You would be wrong and so was I. Sadly, I bought 4 cans of both steak and chicken and now I have to eat them all because a waster of food and money, I am not. Let's compare shall we?

Campbell's Steak and Potato
- Lovely, thick, savory, beef broth based soup that is perfect for bread dipping.
- Nice, big chunks of tender steak.
- Lovely potato cubes without that annoying skin.
- Hidden surprise mushroom pleasantness.

Progresso Steak & Roasted Russet Potato
- Thin, watery, bland tasting broth consistency soup that is definitely not compatible with my bread dipping.
- Itty-bitty, mouse bite sized, bits of dry steak. Seeing as steak is the first item listed in the name of the soup you would think to find plenty of it in the soup. Hahaha! Fooled you!
- Potato cubes with SKIN on them.
- Carrots. Okay, carrots are fine, but not nearly as pleasant as the surprise mushrooms.

Tomorrow we'll see how the Progresso Traditional Hearty Chicken & Rotini stacks up against the Campbell's Traditional Classic Chicken Noodle. I have my crackers ready for the crunching in the soup and it better not disappoint.

Bucket List
Monday, January 02, 2012
I look at Pinterest once in a while.

OK, maybe more than once in a while, but that's neither here, nor there. I keep seeing these pictures with big white words over them with some kind of bucket list type item. Some are cute, some are ridiculous, some are crazy, and some I've done already.

The genius, overachiever in me is tempted to pin all the ones I've done and put them in a board called, "Ha! Did it!" just to prove I'm all worldly and have made my life so fulfilling thus far. Then, I really started thinking about the ones I've done like, "Let my hair get really long", "Own the dog I've always wanted", "Be as white as Deeta Von Teese", "Order dessert first at a restaurant" when I realized something.

1. "Let my hair get really long" = I'm too cheap to pay for a haircut for 3 years. DONE!
2. "Own the dog I've always wanted" = Make a stupid bet with your husband that the pet store would never have a saint bernard puppy. If they do we'll get one even though we already have two semi large dogs in our small house with barely any yard. They'll never have one. Yeah, right. Her name was Becka and she liked to eat the drapes. DONE!
3. "Be as white as Deeta Von Teese" = hide in your home office playing video games and only go outside long enough to get in your car and go to work in the room with no windows. Repeat this for 4 years. DONE!
4. "Order dessert first at a restaurant" = doesn't everyone do this already? DONE! every time we go out to eat.

So, I decided to skip on creating that particular Pinterest board. I'll stick with pinning crafts I'll never have time to make and inspiration ideas for the kitchen and bathroom remodels that may or may not happen in 10-15 years.