OMG, kid (night potty training follows)
Friday, November 30, 2012
I thought for sure the daughter just had the same peeing at night issues that I had until I was about 7 or 8 years old. Although, mine may have had something to do with some trauma caused by a family member who is not and will never be missed by myself. That’s a story for some other day, if ever. Anyway, back to the subject on hand, peeing at night.

She filled and I mean FILLED her pull-up so full I’m positive she lost 5 pounds just taking it off every morning, so I never pushed the potty training at night thing. Until the day that she pulled on said pull-up right before bed and started peeing in it before she got it fully pulled up. Excuse me? You waited to pee in the pull-up instead of the toilet? Gauntlet thrown. Bribery challenge has commenced.

The next day I showed the daughter how I wrote the numbers 1 through 7 on the white board. Each number represented a day that she woke up with a dry pull-up. If she could get a circle around each number for 7 days in a row she would get the super expensive, huge, plastic toy horse she had been lusting over at Target. I explained peeing before bed and that as soon as she woke up, she should take off the pull-up and put on underwear. She was giddy with excitement. I was giddy with excitement. The toddler was giddy with excitement (she had a cup of fruit snacks in her hand). The husband was a bit reserved about the whole idea. I guess he’s the smart one in the house.

The next day the daughter was thrilled to show me a dry pull-up. She was giddy with excitement. I was giddy with excitement. The toddler was still sleeping. The husband pointed out the fully soaked pull-up hidden behind her bedroom door. Yeah. She pulled off the wet one and put on a dry one as evidence that she didn’t pee overnight. Oy. She did this three more times. The second one was hidden on the floor, at the end of her bed. The third one was lying in the hallway next to the dry one she put on after taking off the wet one. Oy, again. Also, my husband is now smugly, smart.

I dropped the whole plan, but left those numbers up on the board. It was occasionally brought up during conversation. She would tell me that she has to make sure to pee before bed and then do so. Sometimes she would have a mostly dry pull-up in the morning, but not quite. I was just happy she wasn’t hiding wet, pee-filled pull-ups anymore.

I am knocking on wood as I type these words (they are being typed very, very slowly with one hand)…she was legitimately dry yesterday and again this morning. She used the toilet before bed and right after she woke up both days (still knocking on the faux wood). Could this be it? The daughter is giddy with excitement. I’m giddy with excitement. The baby is too busy picking her nose to be giddy. The husband is bordering on giddy. Hopefully, he’s still the smart one since borderline giddy is about as giddy as he gets, but I claim the smartest of all award because I snagged one of those super expensive, huge, plastic toy horses on clearance at Target in early November. 65% off bitches!


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