3 weeks left with observations/reflections
Tuesday, November 13, 2012
I have 3 weeks left to be pregnant and some days I hope for less and some days (rare days) I wish it weren't over yet. This is my last pregnancy and as miserable as I usually am while pregnant it is going to be my last so I want to remember as much as possible about how it felt and feels.

9 months of heartburn is a no-good, awful, bad thing. No matter which way you slice it, my first pregnancy was a breeze with my two to three heartburn episodes in the first trimester.

Fetal movements have actually grown on me. I'm starting to enjoy them because it means she's still with me and waiting to come out to meet her family. I don't feel like she's some alien being trying to get out the fast and easy way anymore.


2+ years later and I'm sad that this was all I got around to writing about being pregnant with my second and final child. *sigh* I'm all melodramatic and shit these days. I also have some weird compulsion to take my few draft posts and either publish or delete them. I chose to publish this little tidbit.


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