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Friday, November 02, 2012
Two posts in a row? Yeah, but they are both about my eldest kid, so don't get too excited.

Gems from the past month:
  • 8-9ish year old girl comes to our door for Trick or Treat while I am getting ready to head out with my two kids. This 8-9ish year old says the following, "Trick or Treat! I'm sexy and I know it!" while dressed in a Snow White costume. The husband and I of course crack up. The daughter repeats this phrase for the next 4 days because, damn, Mom and Dad thought it was funny when Snow White said it.
  • We spend 2 hours at the zoo, in costume, trick or treating our hearts out. We walk all the way back to our car because you can't park in the zoo lot since way too many people took advantage of the incredible weather that weekend. The daughter says the magic words, "I have to go potty! I can feel the pee coming!" Yes, she peed behind a random brick building, mostly in the open. Her words after this novel experience? "I can't wait to tell everyone I peed in the grass. Can I do it again tomorrow?"
  • In the car, it's raining (shocker in NE Ohio in the fall), and she says, "Look, alligators! The wipers are chomping like alligators!"
  • I have decided to start being aggressive about getting the daughter to wake up in a dry pull-up. How, you ask? Bribery. I have promised her one of the BIG horses at Target if she can wake up dry for 7 days in a row (there are lots of plans to help her with this). Day 1 - she takes off the wet pull-up and puts on a dry pull-up at some point during the night or very early morning. "Look! I'm awake and my pull-up is dry!" I think she kind of missed the point with the sopping wet, evidence against her lying in the hallway.


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