The Vacation 2012
Thursday, March 29, 2012
We are home from our first full family vacation that did not involve a bike race before, during, or after. It also did not involve me being pregnant and uncomfortable the whole time either. We went to Florida and had a blast. Here are some highlights that I want to remember in bullet form, of course.

- Driving down overnight was a bust. The daughter was up talking to us quite often during the night and that just resulted in not only the driver, the husband, being exhausted, but myself and the daughter as well. At least the baby slept most of the time.
- We could have easily spent the entire week at the resort and been happy, but I'm glad we didn't because there is entirely too much to do elsewhere as well.

- Disney was hands-down the best day of the week. The daughter was ecstatic. Snow White was our first princess encounter and she had a very intense discussion with her about the witch and the poisonous apple and the hazards of taking food from strangers. So sweet!
- She got all dolled up with her hair up, make-up and nails done, and her Cinderella dress (favorite princess) on for lunch with the princesses in the castle.
- She freaked out a bit when we walked in and saw Cinderella in the flesh, but she got over it quick and gave her a big hug and told her about Snow White needing to stay away from the witch and not eat the apple. This became a theme with all the princesses she saw that day including Belle, Jasmine, Tiana, and Ariel.
- We rode the magic carpet ride at least 4 times that day and drove the race cars in Tomorrowland at least 6 times.
- We rode the Buzz Lightyear ride which she did not like at all, but she did enjoy meeting Buzz right outside to get her picture with him.
- The first time on the People Mover was scary, the second time fun, and the third time was so exciting she was telling everyone on the tram that the dark park was coming up and that she would keep everyone safe with her Minnie Mouse that has a skirt that spins and lights up.
- We got to ride the new Dumbo, but missed out on Goofy's Barnstormer because the line was too long for us to make it back for one of our FastPass times.
- We met Tiana and Naveen, but the daughter freaked out bad and actually tried to run away at one point. We realized later while talking to Naveen that he was the reason and it happens to him quite often. As soon as he stepped away she was fine with Tiana and we got a great picture with her.
- The It's A Small World ride was a huge hit and the last one we rode on before the parade and fireworks.
- The husband and the daughter both told me her picture was on the castle at the end of the night before the fireworks. I was looking at the wrong side of the castle and missed it.
- We did have to bribe her at the end of the evening by saying we would get her one of the fancy umbrella/parasols for sale in Liberty Square if she could behave the rest of the night, but then we forgot until she reminded us as we were leaving the park in the herd of people, while being carried by the husband. There was no way to go back. She hasn't said anything since, but my mommy guilt has kicked in something terrible and I have had no luck trying to find someplace that makes a similar umbrella.
- There are so many rides and things to do that we missed out on, but I have to keep reminding myself that we can go back. We'll wait until the baby is a bit older and the daughter as well. I'm already way too excited for when that day comes.

- The husband and I went to Sea World by ourselves for 4 hours one day and I got to renew my love of rollercoasters by riding The Manta and The Kraken. They were great rides and made me miss Cedar Point so much. We have to start going there again soon.
- My party pooper husband wouldn't ride the water ride with me though. Boo!
- We took the daughter back 2 days later and saw the Shamu show and the daughter LOVED it because the whales splash. We saw the dolphin and whale show as well and that was really cool with birds, acrobatics, divers, and more.
- We saw the Shamu show again because the daughter loved it so much and I tried to get her to sit in the splash zone, but she refused. Wimp.
- She also liked the dolphin nursery as much as I did. We got to see the smallest baby dolphin playing with a fish right in front of us for a few minutes. So cute!

- The husband and I also went to Wet & Wild by ourselves on our last full day and it was so fun. The husband had never been to a water park and he really enjoyed himself. We rode Brain Wash three times and he rode the Bomb Bay Drop two times. You could not pay me enough to go on that one, ever.
- The husband injured his neck on the LAZY RIVER. Let me repeat that, he INJURED his NECK on the LAZY RIVER. Only my husband.
- I scraped the top of my foot pretty good in the wave pool. I was treading water in the deep part and didn't realize the waves had pushed me back into such shallow water. Ouch.
- So, in conclusion, we injure ourselves on the baby rides...

- The drive back included an overnight stay in Mooresville, NC at a Wingate with the most comfortable hotel bed I have ever slept in my entire life. It was like sleeping on a cloud. We will be stopping there again, for sure.

I want to go back now and do it all over again. It really is the happiest place on earth.


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