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Monday, August 01, 2011
So, I had a dream this morning about jujubes and a solar eclipse. I remember this dream because it was very rudely interrupted by a tapping on my shoulder and a little voice saying, "Mommy, I'm wet." Thankfully, the husband took care of it until the baby woke up due to the crying and general woefullness eminating from the daughter's room.

I had another short anecdote to share, but while writing the 3 sentences above I have forgotten what it was. Thinking...

Still thinking...

Not coming to me...


Oh! I remember.

I'm sitting in my living room yesterday watching the daughter and husband play with play-doh when I look at my fireplace mantel. I admire the lovely framed family photos and the cool looking pottery vase (wedding gift), take note of the temperature outside on our digital clock/thermometer thingy and notice the winter themed candle/candle holder.

Hold up!

It's almost August. I still have a clear blue vase with etched snowflakes holding wax snow with a snowball candle sitting in the middle on my fireplace mantel. Yeah. Oops.

End scene.


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