Rattling around
Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Just some bullet point thoughts rattling around in my brain.

- I now eat string cheese like the husband and the daughter. I used to be a solid string it down and it eat type of person. Now I just take huge bite after huge bite until it's all gone. Kind of defeats the purpose of string cheese though, doesn't it?

- I just stapled my shoes back together. I bought them 10 days ago.

- Why do I miss the daughter so much when I'm away and then after 15 minutes of incessant screaming, her telling me to stop singing along with the radio, demanding Daddy because he's better, or refusing to pick up the toy she just threw and I just want to get away as fast as I can?

- I'm tired.

- I have been reading-book-less for a while now. The library needs to hurry up and get one of the 5 requested books I have been waiting on for 2 weeks into my local branch.

- What do you do if your online course professor is lazy and doesn't get your grades in on time, doesn't provide assignment materials, then ends up in the hospital for the last 2 weeks of class with no correspondence and no back-up plan that you can find?

- I open each email as I receive it, calculate how much time and effort that request will take, and go back to looking at the MSNBC photos of the week.

- My back hurts.

- Maybe I can serve an eviction notice in 4.5 weeks. That will be 37.5 weeks along...close enough right?

- I need caffeine and a beer or three.


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