One of those days...
Monday, April 12, 2010
Those blah days, that start out blah and just keep getting blah-er and blah-er.

I started out trying on pants that don't fit. 3 of them. I settled for the pair that kind of fits, but looks like I'm anticipating a lot of rain to accumulate under my feet.

Bad hair that I stuck in a scrunchy to have the bad points become even more obvious with the random wavy curl poking out. No sleek pulled back 'do on me today. Nope.

Bad make-up application. Not that I'm great at it, but make-up was really not my friend this morning.

Blotchy red skin and puffy, bloodshot eyes which made the make-up application pretty much unnecessary since I only use some concealer, eyeliner and blush (not needed with the blotchies). I just love allergy season and pressure changes.

Now I'm at work breaking stuff that shouldn't be breaking and waiting for the phone to ring to tell me it's broken. I know it's broken! I broke it! Leave me alone so I can fix it...right after this blog post.

Well, that's enough break...back to the eventual breaking of the blah. Or at least I can hope.


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