Hell hath frozen over.
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
My ass is hurting from those damn pigs flying out of it too. They just can't seem to remember to keep their wings tucked back when they exit. Flap them after you're out!

I'm riding in my car flipping through the channels on my Sirius radio and come across a song that I stopped at and actually started singing along to. Then later that night I taught my daughter some dance moves to it while singing it to her. A few days later my finger moved on it's own volition and pressed Memo on the radio to "favorite" it. If you aren't familiar with satellite radio, you can favorite up to 20 songs and it will alert you when those songs come on the radio.

I imagine when that song entered my memo list (it even usurped Linkin Park that had been in residence for months) there was quite a stirring in the ranks.

Scene: Miley Cyrus enters the room with her Party in the USA song.

Chevelle, Hurt, 10 Years, and 30 Seconds to Mars look up from brooding in the corner over whose cutting scars are more meaningful to notice the disturbance: Who is that? I don't know, but she's kinda cute so she'll never even notice us.

Korn: Hey there, beautiful. Come on over and freak on this leash.


Counting Crows, Green Day, and Maroon 5 look up: Miley Cyrus? She won't be here long. Remember how quickly that Katy Perry was in and out of here?

Deftones, and Drowning Pool don't even notice anything going on.

Jay Z grants Miley an imperceptible nod in passing. (after all, she does mention him in her song)

Aaaaaaand, scene.

Excuse me, while I go Preparation H my butthole now. Damn pigs will never learn!


If this blog wasn't so damn funny, I'd be incredibly disappointed in you. Miley? REALLY!?

::shakes head::

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