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Thursday, January 21, 2010
My daughter turns two years old next week. I'm not sure where this little person in the house came from, but she is there in full force. She's got opinions, she's got wants and she wants them to be known NOW. I always thought people were crazy when they would tell me that it gets better and better and that each age is more and more fun. When the daughter was two weeks old I had a panic attack. I didn't want her to change or grow. I was so afraid of that change and growth. I wanted to her to stay this tiny, little baby that I could cuddle and snuggle, that would look to me solely for food, and never want to leave me. That scared me. I am now a wiser person and I have to tell you, two is THE BEST AGE EVER. There, I said it, and it is 100% true. So, this coming Sunday we are having a party with cake, ice cream, balloons and presents. It is going to be fun and we are going to love every minute of two going on three and then three will be THE BEST AGE EVER too.

Now the debate. I have kept personal photos off of this blog for the most part, but I'm finding myself wanting to share some photos of my family on here. I don't even know why since I have Facebook and a couple other sites that I share on already. Do I do it, or not?


Blogger Brooke said...

Do it!

I'm slightly sad about Connor turning 2 - only because I cannot believe how fast the time is going, but I love seeing him grow and learn.

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