Tuesday, January 05, 2010
Things that are rambling and clanking around in my brain recently (in bullet list form of course).

- It is 22 degrees outside. I'm sitting in a room with a running air conditioner. I'm cold.
- I've decided that poopyhead is a really appropriate term. People get a little irritating when they haven't taken a nice strong poop in a while. I was a poopyhead this morning. I'm better now. You can thank me later for the visual.
- Going back to school sucks. Going back to school when you are my age (old) sucks even more.
- I never did announce my big news. It's even bigger now because it's been a reality for a month. I AM PARKING MY CAR IN A GARAGE. It's HUGE news people, HUUUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEEEE!
- My daughter has become a human being with needs, opinions and ideas. So weird.
- 3 donuts are almost filling. 4 is too much. So, 3.5 must be just right. I'm a math genius!
- The 365 day project kicked my ass 5 days into 2010. I wanted to do it, took a picture on new year's day and everything. That's as far as I got. Me=biggest slacker ever.

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season. On to a new and hopefully better year!


I love when I see that you've posted. Always brings a smile to my face, poopyhead. :)

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