Hole in the head
Monday, January 11, 2010
I was just thinking that I need a candy bar and I followed that thought up with the phrase, "like I need another hole in the head". But, maybe another hole in my head could actually be useful. Something kind of like a pocket behind my ear where I could tuck things like my car keys, ID and credit card. Maybe a piece of gum or two as well. But that could get bulky. What if it was just big enough to tuck your rings when you take them off to wash dishes or apply lotion? Then again digging rings out of your skull could be weird...a horn! A little horn to hang your rings on when you wash dishes or apply lotion. How sweet would that be? Wait, that wouldn't be good at all. If we all had horns we would start comparing each other's horns to see who's horn is bigger and it would become this whole ego trip thing and who wants to get into all that mess. I guess I'll just go eat my candy bar. Forget I said anything.


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