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Monday, June 21, 2010
My life is pretty good these days. Actually, it's pretty damn good. I have a fabulous family, work is going really, amazingly well, and everyone is happy. How could it get better?

We have some major projects going on in our house and my husband is under quite a bit of a time crunch to get things done since I'm pretty limited in what I can do at 28 weeks pregnant. Despite this we are both very excited about making these changes to our house to finally make it ours and start putting the look we want into our home. The husband will be spending this week painting the baby room, moving our bedroom and junk *ahem* craft room stuff out so we can get hardwoods installed on Friday and Saturday. THEN! The husband got his hands on some totally awesome free windows and doors so we can close in our screened porch and make it a 4-season room. My plan is to make it the spot where we eat our meals so that we can eventually expand our kitchen counter with a breakfast bar area. With all this other work he is continuing to work full-time, get some biking in to keep in shape, taking care of the big maintenance items around the house, and finish his pole building remodel. He's got a lot on his plate and he's juggling it all amazingly well.

Sitting in the sun on the daughter's playset watching her and the husband ride around on the John Deere mower was a really lovely moment yesterday. At one point the daughter got control of the wheel and tried to jerk it right into a tree. The husband's exclamation of alarm got me laughing so much I couldn't stop and the daughter's squeals of laughter were ringing through the neighborhood. That alone made the whole day fabulous.

Another happy fathers's day to the dads in my life. I hope they all had as wonderful a day as this non-dad had yesterday.

This morning I was getting the daughter dressed for daycare and she picked up her Disney Princess flip phone to call mommy and daddy. I grabbed the broken flip phone we gave her and answered her call. Here is our conversation:

TD: I call mommy and dadddy. (holding the phone and dialing like she's texting...I think she sees too many people texting)
Me: *ring ring* *ring ring* Hello?
TD: Hello?
Me: How are you?
TD: How are you?
Me: I'm doing well.
TD: I'm doing well.
Me: What are you going to do at daycare today?
TD: (big grin) I play with D (daycare boyfriend's name). (tosses phone)


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