The YMCA made me cry. Twice.
Wednesday, July 14, 2010
This is what pregnancy (and the YMCA) does to me.

Twice now I have been burned by the YMCA. We take the daughter to swim every weekend at the Y because she loves the pool. Sometimes we don't make it every Saturday and Sunday. We usually miss Saturday because of trying to pack too much to get done on the day that everything is open later. Sunday we always make it to pool and then the Y pees on us. I don't pee in their pool, they should not pee on me. Father's Day, we get there at about 3:20pm after the daughter gets up from her nap like we do every weekend. They closed the pool at 3:15pm that day. You know...for the holiday... Then! Just this past weekend, after going after naps for all the other weekends (except Father's Day - assholes) they decide to institute SUMMER hours. SUMMER hours starting in mid-July. We get there at 3:40pm (normally open until 5:45pm). They close the pool at 3:45pm for SUMMER hours. I cried both times for my poor confused toddler who just wanted to show us how brave she is by walking under the waterfall by herself, how strong she is by pulling herself up out of the pool by herself, and how much she loves the pool by squealing, "POOL! POOL! POOL, MOMMY! POOL!" when we get there only to have me squelch her happiness by telling her the pool is closed. Assholes.

Pregnancy also makes me upset because I blow weird chunky things out of my nose all the time. Most of the time bloody chunky things that end up on my lip instead of the tissue which is disgusting.

It makes me huff and puff like an old, old man when I go up the stairs. Not to mention the groaning involved getting out of bed, up from a chair, bending over to pick something up, or when the daughter asks me to do something outrageous like get her a tissue or a drink of water. Why can't she do those things herself by now?

It gives me shelf butt, thigh rubbing burns and cankles.

Ah, the miracle of life! I love this litte baby despite what she is doing to me. The YMCA is still on my shit list.


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