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Wednesday, September 08, 2010
As my due date gets closer and closer (7 days) my mind has been on the music I'll be listening to while I labor to try and get this little girl to emerge healthy and happy. When I had my first daughter, music is what helped me relax and focus to keep my energy and mind in balance.

This song was played on repeat over and over while I laid in bed in the dark with the husband not quite sleeping across from me in the incredibly comfortable fold-out couches they provide at the hospital. I had headphones on so he didn't have to hear it on repeat for 4 hours for which I'm sure he is thankful.

I still believe that repeating the chorus of that song is what enabled me to get into the right state of mind and to spend that time "talking" to my daughter about everything I would share with her as soon as she came out into the world. How I would protect her, show her all the amazing, wonderful things there are to experience in this world, and how all this would only happen if she came to me as perfect as I imagined she would be.

Now I'm digging through songs and finding quite a few on my must have play list for the hospital. Here are just a few that have struck me as important in one way or another even though they may not wholly appropriate. It could be just a portion of the song, a single line, the chorus, the music, or even the entire song. Either way, I love them all and they now reside on my MP3 player. It is stowed in the hospital bag and ready to leave my house as soon as this little girl makes her arrival time imminent.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.


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