Thursday, December 19, 2013
A year after my last post on this blog and I find myself waking up in my big bed alone because the husband likes to get up well before it is humanly reasonable in order to work out at the gym before work. I lie in bed for a bit listening to the giggles and talking coming from the eldest's bedroom. Then the door opens and I hear more giggling, but with an echo, because they are in the bathroom. Most likely the eldest helping the youngest to turn on the sink for some unknown reason. Then they go back to the eldest's room because she has the big bed with more room for playing. I continue to enjoy the warmth of my flannel cocoon, delaying getting up even though we have school to get to, daycare drop-off, and work. Always, work.

So, I get up and we do the usual routine of eating, dressing, cleaning, and trying to get out the door without arguing. That's an impossibility, but I always hope it will happen.

It's Christmas time which is my favorite season. It has always been my favorite holiday. Family getting together, good food, happy memories, giving gifts to those I love. Everything about it is wonderful and it just keeps getting better with my girls getting older. A pink and purple, glittery, plastic bomb will be exploding in our house on Christmas morning and I couldn't be happier.

I'm so very, very happy in this moment in my life and couldn't want for more. I just want to remember this feeling and keep it with me forever.

Also, the gym is closed on Christmas morning so I'll have all of my favorite people in the whole world to wake up with that day. Perfection.


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