Pay attention!
Thursday, April 22, 2010
Scene: Night-time, in bed, I'm massaging my very sore husband after his long bike and serious swim training.

Me: We should come up with some stuff to take on vacation so our daughter has plenty to do in the car and during the day of your actual bike ride while we hang out at some of the water stops to cheer for you.

Husband: Good idea. Shrek is an obvious choice with the portable DVD player.

Me: Some other movies, maybe some coloring books and crayons and of course lots of stickers and blank paper.


Me: What do you think? Is there anything else we should take?

Husband (mumbling): No, I think it would have trouble broadcasting into space.

Me: What did you just say?

Husband (mumbling): I think it would have trouble broadcast...(slurpy sounds and a little cough). Never mind.

Me: Were you asleep?

Husband: I think so.

I'm still snickering this morning. Especially the part where he woke up mid-ridiculous sentence and had to slurp his drool back in. Priceless.

Mommy, I want it.
Tuesday, April 20, 2010
That's what I hear every morning. It starts with wanting a noogie (nutrigrain) bar. Then I get out yogurt to take for lunch and I hear, "Mommy, I want yogurt." Sorry, kid, that's part of my lunch. I take out bread for a sandwich and hear, "Mommy, I want bread." Again, mommy's lunch. Repeat this cycle for turkey, cheese and mayo. She draws the line at the apple I get out though. She doesn't want that, but continues to want the yogurt since it's still sitting on the counter. Pack it all up and she gets her noogie bar and we are out the door.

I really need to start packing my lunch at night after she goes to bed.

One of those days...
Monday, April 12, 2010
Those blah days, that start out blah and just keep getting blah-er and blah-er.

I started out trying on pants that don't fit. 3 of them. I settled for the pair that kind of fits, but looks like I'm anticipating a lot of rain to accumulate under my feet.

Bad hair that I stuck in a scrunchy to have the bad points become even more obvious with the random wavy curl poking out. No sleek pulled back 'do on me today. Nope.

Bad make-up application. Not that I'm great at it, but make-up was really not my friend this morning.

Blotchy red skin and puffy, bloodshot eyes which made the make-up application pretty much unnecessary since I only use some concealer, eyeliner and blush (not needed with the blotchies). I just love allergy season and pressure changes.

Now I'm at work breaking stuff that shouldn't be breaking and waiting for the phone to ring to tell me it's broken. I know it's broken! I broke it! Leave me alone so I can fix it...right after this blog post.

Well, that's enough break...back to the eventual breaking of the blah. Or at least I can hope.