Feeling better
Thursday, March 12, 2009
This made me feel a bit better about myself today. I put on a shirt this morning, that I remember wearing over a year ago, 1 week after giving birth to my 7 pound, 8 ounce daughter. I remember wearing it because it was the only "nice" piece of clothing I owned that would fit me and still look ok. The husband and I went out while my mom stayed with the baby. We had a nice meal at Olive Garden (a middle America food mecca) where I spent the entire time in a mild panic because OMG, I LEFT THE BABY AT HOME, AND I'M NOT THERE, AND SHE'S NOT WITH ME AND OMG I JUST WANT TO GO HOME AND MAKE SURE SHE'S STILL BREATHING! But, I kept my shit together and had a nice lunch with the husband keeping myself outwardly calm. Anyway, that button down shirt fit me pretty well on that day. Tight in the right spots and everything since I was sporting the sweet, big, breastfeeding boobies. Today, I put that shirt on and can gather up about 6 inches of fabric on it before it even begins to look fitted. That made me feel pretty damn good this morning even though my shirt is technically too big and I wore it to work anyway.

Would one of those clips to pleat the extra fabric on the back of the shirt look too 1982, you think?

Tweet, tweet, chirp, chirp
Sunday, March 08, 2009
I realized the other day that my blog style is better suited to Twitter. Yet, to use Twitter, I would have to learn a whole other tech gadget/tool/thingy. This IT geek can only handle so much tech geekness and is avoiding the learning of Twitter. Hell, I don't even TEXT! On my TREO! Which by the way, is NOT a Blackberry Storm or iPhone. How archaic and non-geeky can I get? Apparently a lot, because Twitter, while better suited to my short, random thought process, ain't gonna happen.

I'll continue my Twitter-like blog posting thoughts while cheeping, chirping and tweeting without Twittering.

Don't even get me started on MySpace and Facebook. Bleh.