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Sunday, March 08, 2009
I realized the other day that my blog style is better suited to Twitter. Yet, to use Twitter, I would have to learn a whole other tech gadget/tool/thingy. This IT geek can only handle so much tech geekness and is avoiding the learning of Twitter. Hell, I don't even TEXT! On my TREO! Which by the way, is NOT a Blackberry Storm or iPhone. How archaic and non-geeky can I get? Apparently a lot, because Twitter, while better suited to my short, random thought process, ain't gonna happen.

I'll continue my Twitter-like blog posting thoughts while cheeping, chirping and tweeting without Twittering.

Don't even get me started on MySpace and Facebook. Bleh.


Blogger Red Headed Mama said...

Facebook is your friend, all the cool kids are doing it. ;)

As for Twitter, I have enough websites to keep me busy, I don't really need another!

Blogger kccat said...

I hear ya, althought I finally joined Facebook last month and ditched myspace. I am not touching twitter though. We will eventually drive ourselves crazy with blogs, boards and gadgets like twitter. Although when we do finally snap, friends may find it amusing to follow our craziness via twitter.

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