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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
6:23am - Let me grab this bag of baby carrots to snack on today at work. I'm going to be so good about eating healthy from now on.
8:07am - One small bowl of Special K with strawberries for breakfast? Check! Look how good I'm being!
9:34am - Hhhhhmmm...kinda hungry. Oh yeah! Baby carrots! 7 baby carrots for a snack.
10:22am - Huh, hungry again. Look, co-worker refilled her M&M dispenser. 1 handful won't hurt any, right?
11:10am - Tired and stressed now...I need a pick-me-up. Look! There are still M&Ms in the dispenser. 1 more small handful will be ok. No more for the rest of the day though. I'll stick to my carrots.
11:55am - Lunchtime! I'm going to be good and hit the grocery store deli for a tasty salad.
12:18pm - Those salads looked icky today, but that personal pizza was tasty!
1:25pm - Damnit...hungry again. Carrots! I'll be good!
3:11pm - HUNGRY!!! Carrots get all stuck in my gums and teeth, but M&Ms melt in my mouth. A couple more handfuls will get me through the rest of the day. I'll just eat a small dinner. Yeah, it will all be ok.
5:46pm - Dinner? Spaghetti...a big bowl of it. The daughter doesn't want spaghetti. Guess we'll have graham crackers and yogurt too. Yum.
7:32pm - We have ice cream and magic shell and caramel topping. I can't let all that go to waste and get freezer burn. Better eat it up!

*waddles out of this blog post*


Blogger Red Headed Mama said...

That is my life pretty much every day. **said as I try to convince myself I should not back cookies for breakfast**

Blogger Brooke said...

I have this day every.single.day.

Blogger Annegirrl said...

Sadly, those baby carrots are still sitting in the refrigerator at work. I ate 7 of them though!

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