Last post on September 19th, huh?
Thursday, January 06, 2011
Well now, who's a slacker? That's right, me!

I just had something I needed to get off my mind that no one else in the world would care one whit to know about. Then I remembered I had a blog where I could put this little tidbit.

I have decided that all stores are out to screw the parent. They strategically place the toy section where my child will see it because she needs to be with me to try on the shoes or select which one of the 4 shirts from the clearance rack I have deemed suitable that she prefers.* I am going to start a petition that all stores must house the toys in a separate section over by the pots and pans. The section where no child wants to go. In addition, there must be 10 foot walls around this section that are impenetrable by any type of toddler/elementary age child's strength and will. This walled toy compound can only be accessed by a single door. This will be no ordinary door. This door will be so heavy and impossible to open that only the strongest of parents will be open to pry it from the frame in order to enter the toy mecca.

Please sign my petition and help parents everywhere get out of the store without their child insisting on checking every toy on every shelf in every aisle when all we wanted was to get a pair of shoes since she left her only pair of shoes at daycare and snow boots look a little odd and can be very sweaty when it is almost 60 degrees outside. No one likes stinky feet in the house. Phew.

* Woe be to the mother that does not let the three year old** choose her own shirt. It will be hatefully dismissed as not suitable for wearing by even the dog.

**Did I say three year old? Only in body. Fifteen year old in spirit.