Appropriate Timing
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
I'm sitting here at work listening to the piped in music and staring at my cubicle wall when I hear that "Had a Bad Day" song immediately followed by "Killing Me Softly" (some awful version that isn't the Fugees). Well now, how apropos.

Just the way she is.
Friday, March 19, 2010
Things the daughter has been doing - A Log (if I remember to update):

March 23, 2009 was a cute day
- Showed daughter how to cruise on a table. She hated it and cried at first, but then started laughing when she realized how much fun it was to walk towards momma by herself. Such a cautious baby!
- She read to me today as we were checking out her daily daycare sheet. She would point at the paper and babble about what was on it.
- Wide open mouth coming at your from all angles and directions and you never know where she is going to strike. Arm, belly, head, knee...
- We have successfully switched to sippy cups only - next task is getting off formula.

April 9, 2009
- Daycare told me that the daughter would be moved full-time to the "baby" room mid-June. She loves going over there from the "infant" room so she'll be fine. Plus it is the same ladies in both rooms but better toys.
- Daycare also told me she would be moving to the "toddler/2 year" room at the end of August. That made me stop. They don't have cribs there. She'll only be 18 months then. We'll see how that one goes. My baby can't grow up anymore.

April 21, 2009
- Daycare lady put daughter in front of another crying baby because "she always laughs at the crying babies and makes them smile".
- Loves pointing out all the dogs and telling us that they say "woof".
- We're on whole milk only. No more formula.
- Wore her all purple outfit today and was adorable as always.
- Had pictures done on Sunday for a fundraiser. Can't wait to see her blank stare at the photographer captured for all to see.
- She signs and says "more", asks for wawa to drink, insists on carrying her Munchkin snack cup everywhere with her hand inside the cup, and still calls the husband, "mama".

April 23, 2009
- No walking yet, but climbing up on the first step of the stairs is the order of the day.
- Little miss piggy only wanted goldfish today and she wanted 5 million of them at once.

May 3 & 4, 2009
- Crawled in the grass for the first time today. Liked it much better this time since she actually touched the grass and played with it. Last time the feet were kept up in the air off the icky feeling grass.
- Played in the sun with the neighbor dogs, our dogs and some soccer balls too.
- Loves her dada!

May 5, 2009
- FIRST STEPS! She took 3-4 steps between the husband and I tonight.
- Spent the rest of the evening with Nana and Papa and decided to walk even more.
- Giggles the entire time she's walking because that's just so funny! The walking!

May 7, 2009
- Spent some time in the tub last night pointing out body parts. She knows ear, belly, nose, mouth and foot. We're working on eye, fingers, hand and head.
- Likes to brush her hair with her hairbrush after a bath, but hasn't quite figured out that hairbrush is not the same as a toothbrush.
- Blowing raspberries on her belly is HYSTERICAL.

May 11, 2009
- The daughter started trying to use a spoon. She holds the spoon in her hand, picks up the food with her other hand, puts the food on the spoon, tips the spoon, drops the food on the tray, and puts the spoon in her mouth. It doesn't work very well that way, but she loves trying.
- She says "baba" all the time, but we have no idea what it means. We know Baa is ball, Dow is down, Doe is dog, wawa is water, wazzat is What is that? and MMMOOORRRE is definitely get me more food now! She of course knows mama and dada very well now.
- More crying at daycare drop-off today. She even cries if nana and papa come to visit or we go visit them. She thinks we're going to leave her and it's very upsetting.

May 12, 2009
- Derm visit went really well. Clean bill of health and daughter isn't due back for 8 months. I hope her skin stays clear from now on.
- At the derm the daughter pulled a tissue from the tissue box and proceeded to wipe up the floor. She didn't learn that technique from mom...must be from daycare.
- She played with my picture badge for work and pointed at my picture and said "baba" over and over again. Still don't know what that means since I'm usually mama.

June 4, 2009
- This update has been a long time coming.
- She is walking EVERYWHERE now. Must walk into daycare, must walk around the house, must walk outside, must walk on our walks (the stroller is not fun anymore), must walk, walk, walk.
- There are so many more words now too: bear, please, yes, no, mine, me, and hey are just a few. I won't be able to keep track of them all anymore.
- Discovered that "ba" is up. "ba-ba" is up-up. Which means she wants to climb the stairs. We are doing a lot of stair climbing.

June 8, 2009
- The weekend and past 2 days have been spent asking questions and hearing "No" as the response. Are you hungry? No. Do you want water? No. Do you want to play? No. Do you want to read a book? No. Do you want to go see Dada? DADA! Do you want to go outside (where Dada is)? No. I give up.
- Diaper changes and getting dressed has become an Olympic event. It involves torso twisting, leg flinging and lung testing. She is a gold medalist in this event.
- Bought a little pool and will be trying it this weekend. We'll see how it goes.

June 19, 2009
- Update is overdue. 2 year tantrums are in full force. If we don't go "side" or outside when she asks we get prone on the floor crying tantrums. If we don't put shoes on when she asks, crying and shoe throwing ensues. If she doesn't get to play with "dada" when she asks because dada is sweaty and dirty from working "side" boneless body, sqirming, pushing and screaming begins.
- She loves to run everywhere and especially loves when we chase her.
- The daughter is happiest when we are both there playing with her. One of us isn't quite enough. She's ok with it most of the time, but the 3 of us all together is perfect in her eyes.
- She is getting more and more frustrated about not having the words to vocalize what she wants, but she is picking up more and more words every day. Here are a few.
- "side" or outside, shoe, on, off, arm, sock, and hello (this is accompanied with her arm over her shoulder like she's holding a phone).

June 22, 2009
- Father's Day was wonderful yesterday. The daughter loves her "dada" very, very much.
- Daycare didn't come through with the Donuts with Dad on Friday so the daughter and I went and got donuts while dad was sleeping in. He liked them.
- We are now singing "bakey baby" otherwise known as Patty-cake, Patty-cake. We also sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and laugh and laugh with both songs because they are just that funny.
- If You're Happy and You Know It has always been a favorite, but those 2 songs have become huge hits in the house. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is a work in progress.

June 23, 2009
- Getting ready to head out the door to daycare and the daughter is standing in the kitchen with this totally teen look on her face like, "Who are you kidding, mother? I'm not stupid enough to fall for your little trick of telling me how fun it is putting on my shoes to go outside, when I saw you carry that medicine in there with those cool shoes. Nope, not stupid at all." I wish I had gotten a photo. She looked 17 months going on 15 years.

July 8, 2009
- The daughter now repeats major words right back at us. We have a parrot in the house and we are screwed. Must.Watch.Language.
- Animal sounds are now what we hear echoing through the house. Monkeys go "eee eee eee" complete with armpit scratching. Cows moo, horses and zebras (close enough) neigh, cats go meow, and sheep baa.
- My fashionista picked out an outfit today and when I put it on her she was shivering. It was just too skimpy and lightweight since it wasn't that warm this morning so I switched her to a slightly heavier weight dress with short sleeves and PISSED HER OFF. She was mad at me and said "SHIT" which is actually "SHIRT" in baby speak because she wanted her cute white shirt with the little strawberries and bow spaghetti straps paired with tiny checked shorts. Also, her cute white sandals were not the shoe of choice. She wanted the pink and green sneakers to go with the red dress with tiny white flowers. I won for now, but soon she will be completely mismatched when her opinion gets stronger about her clothes. It will get stronger since she is my daughter.

July 16, 2009
- The daughter and I spent this morning searching the house for "dada" since she didn't want to believe that he went to work. I finally convinced her and we were able to get out the door and get her daycare at a semi reasonable time.
- While watching Baby Einstein "On the Go" we saw a bike and I pointed it out to her. Instead of trying to say bike we got "DADA!". Well, yes, dada does ride a bike a lot. Funny girl!

July 29, 2009
- What we must have to leave the house: hat, socks, shoes, wa-wa, dog (stuffed), and milk. If one of these items is missing a tragedy has occurred and much teeth gnashing and crying will ensue.
- The daughter says her name now. I don't think she really understands it is her, but she points to the husband and says "da-da", points to me and says "ma-ma" and points to herself and says her name because she is repeating us. It's funny when she points to herself and says "ma-ma" while meaning me, because I'm pointing at myself and saying "ma-ma".
- Apparently I interrupted a very important cell phone call this morning when I took my phone away so we could go into daycare because it was more teeth gnashing and crying.
- She asks for a video by saying "Ee-I, Ee-I-Oh" since Neighborhood Animals is her current favorite Baby Einstein DVD.
- I want to start tracking her height by marking the door frame, but I don't think the husband will go for it. I'm going to try anyway.

August 1, 2009
- First pony ride at the fair! She neighed the entire time and kept patting the pony's neck. The grin was from ear to ear and she wanted more, but at $5 a ride, we had to call it.
- She loved the sheep and kept baaa-ing at them and they kept baaa-ing back which was awesome.
- The rabbits were boring because we couldn't pet them (they bite), but that was probably a good thing considering I blow up like a balloon if I pet rabbits. The daughter probably will too.
- Walked through the horse barns and she liked those, but not as much as riding the pony.
- Right before we left the daughter started getting wheezy. She was wheezy the next day and had a lot of snot in her nose. Guess she got my allergy issues. Fairs may not happen again if she's already showing signs of allergies. I'm sorry you got my yucky genes, baby!

August 6, 2009
- Oh the fun of 18+ months! The daughter is learning to pour water on her head at dinner. Drinking from the cup is overrated when wearing it is so much more least for mom and dad it is.
- She's also learned to smear yogurt all over her face, neck and front while getting a minimal amount in her mouth, but she loves it! Using the "boon" or spoon is the only way she's happy.
- I gave her 2 outfit options this morning and she didn't want either one. Turns out she just didn't want to get dressed this morning instead of not wanting a particular outfit. Jammies were comfy!
- We got daycare graduation papers this week. She moves to the toddler/2's room on the 24th and will be transitioning the week of the 17th.

August 14, 2009
- The daughter made a dinner suggestion last night. Apples and waffles for dinner. Sure, why not? Took me a while to understand the wanted waffles and not water, but I got it after the 3rd mention.

August 24, 2009
- This morning the daughter did not want to leave her bedroom without the binkie (she actually calls it that too). We've been binkie in the crib only since about 12 months and now she wants it elsewhere. Not gonna happen. I won't be that mom with the 3 year old and a pacifier.
- We compromised and left the house with her night-time blanket (blankie, which sounds an awful lot like binkie, but the head turn to keep me from taking the binkie out makes it clear I did not misunderstand this morning) and she wouldn't give up at daycare. The little turd actually ran from me and kept a toy shelf in between us so I couldn't get it.
- Today was her first official day in the toddler/two's room. Sad! She was happy though because she still gets to see her favorite daycare lady in the morning since the toddler/two teachers aren't in until 7:30 and drop-off for us is at 6:30 or 7:00.

August 25, 2009
- Yesterday was the last day we let the daughter take her lovie anywhere with her. She wanted it while she watched a video, while she ate, when she went outside and nothing would console her. The tantrum was a sight to behold in it's length, volume and amount of body flinging. The only thing that settled her down was to lie her down in her crib with her blankie, binkie and little stuffed dog. After about 20 minutes she was fine and I was able to bring her down to eat dinner without too much trouble.
- The daughter showed the little neighbor baby how to walk across the suspension bridge on his playset. Since he's 6 months younger I was quite impressed with how well he was doing.
- She has a definite pissed off face and it is impressive.

August 31, 2009
- The daughter has learned how to command the dogs and she sounds like a pissed off drill sergeant repeating DOWN and STAY over and over again along with her version of the dog's names (Gacka, Goco and Angangs). She also likes to call them by clapping and slapping her thigh like we do. CUTEST.THING.EVER.
- Fashionista popped up again today. She did not like the shirt I put on her and insisted she wear the doggie shirt instead.
- When she sees something she likes she says, "Nom-nom" which cracks me up every time.
- Pretty sure I saw some canine teeth popping through on top while tickling the daughter on my lap while she was upside down giggling.

September 8, 2009
- The daughter now likes to show me her arm, say "BITE!" very loudly, to which I respond with "No. No biting. Biting hurts." and then proceed to bite herself. What the hell is that about?
- Went to the zoo on Labor Day and saw otters (Ah-ahhs - apparently this is either otters or the noise she thinks otters make), lions (ROAR!!), fish (wish), goats (maa-aaa-aaa!), ponies (neigh!) and no monkeys (me-monks, EEEE! EEEE! EEEE! with armpit scratching). The 2 normal everyday playground slides were the best part of her day. Those and the rock collection she was passing out to everyone.
- The daughter loves the dogs. Loves them to distraction. The dogs are how I bribe her to do anything. Sadly, this has backfired and now I have to tell her the dogs went night-night to get some peace. She is awfully cute with them though.

October 6, 2009
- I am so far behind on putting my thoughts and happenings about the daughter out here so I need to try and remember what has happened over the last month.
- We are getting sentences now like "Where go, Dada?", "I want apples", and "Go outside, please?".
- Tried on her Halloween costume one night and she screeched with joy at the sight of the bumble-bee costume and insisted she wear it around the house. Every time she gets something exciting or new she does circles of the first floor with the something new. Playroom, hallway, living room, kitchen and back to playroom. Around, around, around with a big grin the whole time.
- Last night she came home from daycare with the husband because I was home sick with a sinus infection. She was miserable, whiny and crying for no apparent reason so I finally tucked her into my side on the floor and finger combed her hair. This got her calm and quiet and was so soothing for me after feeling miserable all day. These are the moments I want to be able to recapture in my mind.
- Still hesitant to go into the new room at daycare and she asks for her old teachers from the baby room every morning. "Sue-Sue? Aine?" (Mary Sue and Elaine) and I have to tell her that Miss Debi and Miss Terri are waiting for her. They are not the same or good enough to her though, not yet.
- She has started to insist on having her purse with her when we go out. Mama has a purse so she needs one too. We put her sunglasses and the husband's old cell phone in there for her to play with too.
- Wheels on the Bus, Baby Bumble-bee and the Fire Truck songs are all regular requests in our house these days.
- The daughter still loves the jumperoo, but it will be time to retire it soon because she can now stand up and not have her butt touching the seat. It really does help her calm down after getting home from daycare and I may miss it as much as she will.
- Favorite books are Hop on Pop and Cat in the Hat from Dr. Seuss. We need to get more Dr. Seuss books.
- Started swim lessons at the local YMCA and my, she is my child. Hates getting her face and head wet and wants nothing to do with being in the water. As soon as we go in the pool she's clinging, crying and asking to go "bye-bye". She does warm up after a few songs and starts clapping and splashing, but I think the pool is something she will be very slow to adjust to, just like mom. I love swimming now so I hope she comes around soon.
- I'm reading through all my notes in this post and I'm amazed at how much things have changed in just 7 months. I'll have to actually publish this sometime soon. Maybe after a year?

October 23, 2009
- This week was a battle. Monday afternoon I had to pick the daughter up early because she had a fever. Tuesday she was home with me and was perfectly fine except for the roseola rash that popped up. She went back to daycare on Wednesday. Thursday she threw up 5 times. A tiny bit first thing after she got up, once in the car after arriving at the dentist, 3 more times at home. The husband stayed home this time. Dropped her off at daycare this morning and found signs warning about strep throat at great.
- Favorite toys last night were a box from a solatube, a whiffle ball and an extension cord reel. That's almost 2 hours of entertainment right there in those 3 items.
- Went to Trick or Treat at daycare last week and the daughter had a really good time playing the games. She was very confused with the teachers being dressed up and not looking normal and all the people. You don't realize those rooms aren't meant to fit all those BIG HUGE adult type people.
- I love when the daughter gets to sit somewhere she's excited and she does this little shoulder to butt wiggle to settle in. ADORABLE!

November 4, 2009
- I'm amazed by the daughter every single day.
- She knows the names of every child in her daycare class. She can tell me which coat belongs to which child. She knows all the daycare teacher's names and can tell me clear as day what they are too.
- The husband added more air to a blow-up ball the other day and 2 days later the daughter tried to blow it up again before playing with it. She's like a sponge!
- She's starting to sing made up songs to herself and there is no better sound in the world than listening to your child sing and laugh.

November 23, 2009
- She is pretending to be a dog now. She crawls/hops on her hands and knees ands says, "Arf, arf!". Adorable!
- Her new phrase is "Go away, mama" or "Go away, dada." Not the nicest thing to hear your 22 month old say to you.
- Her new love is the swimming pool at the gym. She had 7 weeks of beginner classes where we just sing songs and try to get them comfortable in the water with blowing bubbles, dunking under, scooping arms and kicking legs. She didn't like it...cried almost the entire time the first 5 weeks. Then it was just tolerable. Now, when she sees the gym (we drive by every morning and evening to and from daycare) she wants the pool. There is a chorus of "Pool, mama! Pool, mama! Pool, mama!" from the backseat. She doesn't want to leave even though her lips are blue and she's shivering too.
- The daughter met an older man at the pool last night too. He is 5 years old and cute as a button. He let her play with his toy shark by chasing him with it and when the shark touched him, he would pretend to be hurt and fall in the water. She thought it was hysterical.
- Doing the dishes together has become a nightly ritual. She drips and splashes water everywhere, but she has so much fun doing it that I don't care about the watery mess.
- She wants to do everything herself too. She now can put her jacket on herself by placing it on the floor with the hood at her feet, putting her hands in the arm holes and flipping it over her head.

December 24, 2009
- Ah, Santa, we love you very much in this house, unless you try to make us sit on your lap. Then we despise your scratchy white beard and your stinky breath. Take me away!!
- I have a real human on my hands now. She has opinions and ideas and wants very much to enforce them on us. Yes, while driving in the car, I turned the way she pointed today, several times. We may have wandered from the path we really needed to take, but we got home...eventually.
- The words, the words, the words! She repeats everything and they are actually mostly correct. It's alarming actually.
- Pretending to be an airplane is hysterical. Instead of holding her hands out straight from her sides, one goes out kinda straight and the other gets bent over her head. Then when turning, one bends in front of her face and the other is bent in front of her belly. All the while the motor is "zooming" though.
- Who knew a Christmas tree would be so mesmerizing. The daughter loves to reach out and touch the ornaments. She also loves to transfer the ornaments from the big tree to the little tree that never made it up to the overhang in front of the picture window, but only if the lights are lit on the little tree. Every night, I transfer them back for more fun the next day.

January 11, 2010
- My baby is going to be 2 soon.
- The daughter had her first tumbling class on Saturday and LOVED it. She couldn't get enough of the trampoline jumping, balance beam, somersaulting and oh my god, the parachute! So fun!
- She announced to me that she really liked dinner the other night. It was carrots, green beans, corn, potatoes and pot roast. She actually said "I like it!" I passed out from shock.
- Oh, the pool! We are loving the pool. The pool is used for good behavior bribery. The daughter put her whole face in the water voluntarily and ran through the waterfall. She didn't want to do either one again, but she did it and didn't get upset or cry. She also allowed me to support her on her back in the water without the thrashing and screaming of past tries. She's getting so much braver!
- She spent a good 15 minutes walking around the house clapping her hands and sing-songing "Ho, Ho, Ho - Santa Claus" over and over again. It took me a week to figure out she was singing Up On the Rooftop. Now we sing it together and she loves it.
- Music is becoming very important so we listen to all kinds (except country - we don't abide country music in our house) and she definitely is a hip-hop R&B girl. She loves to dance along with the beats.

January 21, 2009
- My baby is going to be 2 in 5.5 days.
- We've been coaching her on what to say when someone asks how old she is. At first she very enthusiastically yells "ONE!", but we've finally got her pausing and then saying, "Two?"
- The daughter can now say my name, the husband's name and her own full name.
- Coming home from daycare is a chorus of where daddy is going to be, what daddy is doing, wanting to visit nana and papa and eat at their house, telling me what she has in her hand at least 10x, and then finishing every one of these statements with "Mash Tatoes!" because that is what she wants for dinner. EVERY.NIGHT.

February 5, 2010
- Imagination. I love it! The daughter brought 2 plates and a coffee mug from her play kitchen along with several utensils into the living room. She pulled her stool up to the coffee table sat down and pretended to eat. She announced to the husband and I that she was "Neating!" I asked her what she was eating...her answer of course was, "Mash Tatoes!" and then she commenced with the yummying and scooping of mash tatoes into her mouth. So cute!
- She also sings her own little version of happy birthday to each of us along with finger pointing/waving and clapping. If we try to sing along she says, "No! I do it!" so we let her continue the concert.
- She is now starting to chime in with me when I sing along with the radio. I personally love this because it is so much fun to sing with her and teach her things like the words to Train's "Hey, Soul Sister".
- The daughter is still tone-deaf though. She can't carry a tune. At. All. I hope she learns how and isn't stuck with her daddy's tin ear.

February 12, 2010
- On the ride home from daycare the other day we had a discussion about the plans for that evening. We would eat dinner (mash tatoes!), play with mommy and daddy (puzzles!), bath...and this is where it got interesting. She said "No bath!" and I asked why and she said she was too cold for a bath. Silly girl! She followed this up by telling me she walks at the pool on her tippy-toes. She actually said tippy-toes and it made me giggle.
- This has been a good pick-up from daycare week. I have gotten huge running leap hugs when I pick up the daughter every day. I love those kinds of hugs.
- We are cracking down on the dinner food. No more mash tatoes every night. She has to try to eat what we are having first. Last night she ate every bite of the tuna casserole. Who doesn't love tuna casserole?

February 26, 2010
- I love my little girl and I mean little girl, not baby.
- Current favorites: Daddy (seriously huge crush on Daddy), Shrek/Donkey/Princess/Dragon, Chick-fil-A, swimming, and going to Nana and Papa's house.
- Sentences we hear all the time. "I want to watch Shrek.", "I want a nutri-grain bar.", and "I want front door."
- Tomorrow is her last tumbling class and the husband and I both dragging our butts out of bed to go. It's her last class. We probably won't enroll in it again since they will most likely just start over with the same stuff and we would like to advance, but that option isn't available until 4 years old. We have a while.
- Went to the library the other day to pick up some books I had reserved. Asked the daughter if she wanted a book and she said "YEAH!", so we looked for a book. Down one aisle and halfway up another she turns to me and says, "I want a Shrek book!" Ok then, let's ask for one. We went up and asked and they had a great one with tons of pictures. As the librarian carried it up, I, the library and pretty sure the entire library heard, "A SHREK BOOK!!!" The level of excitement deserved 3 exclamation points.

March 5, 2010
- We've started using timeouts as a punishment. The first couple times she got upset, but now she just sits quietly and plays with her socks or feet. She does apologize, hugs me and tells me she won't hit/kick/throw or whatever offense it was again.
- She is finally starting to ask for private time and she is asking nicely instead of screaming "Go away, Mama!" at me. That's a nice change, actually. We both get a little alone time and we're all happy.
- It's almost time to post this one year wrap-up and so much has changed since I started this post. Just incredibe actually.
- She is starting to want to take care of us. She puts blankets on us if we are lying on the floor with her. She brings us water, she puts her socks in the laundry hamper and loves to help with everything. She's pushing the buttons on the microwave to cook her own food, dusting and vacuuming and still loves to help with dishes. I'm going to enjoy it while I can.

March 10, 2010
- The daughter is amazing in every way. At least she is to me. Every day with her has been incredible and I am so happy to have her in my life.
- She tells me that trains go on railroad tracks, that food is yummy in her mouth (unless it is peas or onions...who can argue with that logic though?), and that she wants me to have a good day. Sweet baby!
- She asked who the people were and I told her a family with a brother and sister. When asked if she wants a little sister or brother her response is "No." No surprise there since that is the standard answer for everything.

March 14, 2010
- Today was a good day. The daughter woke up at 9am with the time change (was 8am) and we ate english muffins with jelly. It was yummy in our mouth.
- We watched Shrek 1 and she watch Shrek 2 with the husband while I worked on homework/browsed the Internet.
- Daughter went down for a nap without too much fuss. She spent the first 15 minutes playing with an electronic animal sounds book we got her. She loves that thing!
- She finally fell asleep and at one point was talking in her sleep. So cute!
- Woke up at 3:00 and we got ready for the pool. The husband came with us this time. We had so much fun jumping, playing basketball, getting tossed in the air (thank you husband!), and swimming in general.
- After the pool we decided to eat. The daughter pointed out every McDonald's from the pool to the italian restaurant we went to eat.
- Introduced her to stromboli which, by the way, is yummy in the mouth and earned a song called "Yum, yum, num, num." She sang this song the entire time she was scarfing down stromboli.
- Went home and had a mild meltdown about not watching Shrek and watched Elmo with pets instead.
- In bed by 8pm on a time change night (not too bad) with minimal fuss.
- It was a good day.

March 19, 2010
- She likes to carry at least 10 hair clips in her hand when getting ready in the morning.
- She must have her grey doggie and fluffy rainbow check blankie with her in the morning as well.
- She eats a nutrigrain bar in the car every morning.
- She loves accessories: hats, shoes, hairbows, sunglasses, purses, bracelets, necklaces and so on.
- She wants to swing outside a hundred times a day.
- She enjoys petting the dogs and telling them what to do.
- She is starting to play by herself (blessed be!) and without requiring a play-by-play being given to me.
- She loves the electronic wild animal noise making book that the husband bought for her. She reads it every night before bed.
- She howls with the wolves in the wild animal book. I heard choruses of howling when the husband put her down the other night. It made me cry happy tears.
- She licks the mayonaise off her sub sandwich and then eats the cheese and ham separate from the bread. She eats the bread last.
- She requests milk for every meal instead of water or juice.
- She loves her mommy and daddy even though she doesn't tell us every day and her mommy and daddy love her and make sure to tell her and show her every day.

Now that I have written a little wrap-up on March 19, 2010 I think it is time to post this year long post in the making. This last year has been amazing in all it's changes and differences. I'm looking forward to yet another year and yet another new post. It's been fabulous, baby-boo. Let's keep on with the fabulous since we all do it so well.