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Monday, August 04, 2008
I am not a movie conissuier by any stretch of the imagination. This is evidenced by the fact that I will watch this movie every single time I catch it on TV.

Please don't judge me. Despite this lack of ability to analyze and critique movies there are 3 that I have turned off, walked out of and stopped watching in the hope of sending it back to the abyss of awful movies.

The first one is "Bringing Out the Dead" with Nicholas Cage. I made the unfortunate decision to pay to watch this movie at the theater with my then boyfriend (now husband) and 2 of his friends. It was awful. We lasted longer than the 4 people behind us who left disgusted at approximately halfway through the movie. We left shortly after that, but not before we threw popcorn at the screen in protest.

The second movie was "The Hills Have Eyes". I've never been a big horror movie fan, but my husband just had to watch this since his parents thought it was wonderful. We got through an hour and a half without anything but a dog dying mysteriously by what could have been construed as a bear or mountain lion. We turned this one off and sent it back to Blockbuster right away.

The third movie was King Kong (the latest one). We were so bored by the time the humongous insects and dinosaurs arrived that we begged my in-laws (who once again thought this movie was GREAT!) to turn it off. We know how it ends anyway...the gorilla dies. Sob.

Am I wrong in my assessment of just how unbearable these movies are to watch? Are there any movies that you couldn't be bothered to finish watching?


Blogger Red Headed Mama said...

I can't remember the name right's one with Vin Diesel and they're on another planet. It was bad, really really bad. That was one of the last times I let Jared pick the movie without doing my own research. :)

I've never seen any of the three you listed and now, I'm not sure I want to. Not that I had them on my must see list to begin with.

Blogger kccat said...

I am definately the type to walk away or turn off a bad movie. For some reason some people feel obliged to finish a movie even if its bad. Not me.

I walked out of the theater on Lost Highway and Boogie Nights. I couldn't take either of them. Too many to name that I have turned off at home. If it sounds bad or think I won't like it, I normally won't even give it a chance.

Blogger JenM said...

Ghostrider. But we finished it because it was too funny/stupid not too.

Blogger Karol said...

I tagged you! (don't be a sour puss, just come over and do it!)

Blogger Karol said...

We rented Bug with Ashley Judd. I love Ahsley Judd and thought it'd be great. The girl behind the counter said it was terrible.

WORST MOVIE EVER. Please refrain from subjecting yourself to the horridness!

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