Friday, July 18, 2008
So, I work with geeks, nerds, dweebs, and dorks. Most of the time I enjoy working with them because they can be quite fun and funny in their geeky, nerdy way. You guessed it. I work in IT or as I tell most people, "I work with computers". As most IT departments tend to do, we hire interns every summer to come in and help with the stupid grunt work that the rest of us don't want to do or are tired of doing the rest of the year.

Today, I'm sitting at my desk "working" (Ok, I was reading blogs. What? It's Friday!) and I overhear part of a conversation that 2 of the interns are having.

Dork #1: I don't think that my saying "I don't support the Iraq war" will undermine the war effort.

Dork #2: If enough people say it, it could.

Dork #1: But, just me saying it won't make a difference.

Dork #2: I still think that one person saying it will start more people saying it and it could undermine the war effort or the effort to end the war. Congress will get wind of the people complaining and could try to stop war funding.

Dork #1 (after reading a forum post): Finally, someone that makes sense! This guy says...

At this point I got up and went to bathroom and missed the rest of this exciting conversation. The stall walls had more stimulating and interesting conversation. The things bored college students will discuss bore me. I miss talks about how we can punk someone else in the department by photoshopping the wheels off their precious SUV because they forgot to move it before the maintenance crew re-paved the parking lot.


Blogger KC said...

I wish we had interns but maybe not the type you have. Photoshopping photos sounds like a fun way of messing with people.

I am stuck listening to the twittering of two young twentysomethings everyday. Somebody save me.

Blogger Kelly said...

Why do you seem to get stuck with the dumbass interns?

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