Observations in a car
Monday, June 16, 2008
Driving home from picking up my daughter at daycare, I am behind a young woman wearing pearl earrings and driving a beat up green Chevy Cavalier with a cracked windshield. She doesn't seem to mind the cracked windshield though because she's bobbing her head quite furiously and occassionally raising her thumb and index finger in the air to emphasize what ever music she is singing along with in her car. The light turns green and I start to lose sight of her bobbing head, but catch up when she slows down in traffic. Now she's drumming quite furiously on her steering wheel along with the head bob. She must have had a decent day and is now enjoying her drive home.

My daughter, with her many coos and loud laughs, told me she enjoyed my running description of the head-bobbing lady. I enjoyed my drive home after a decent day at work too.


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