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Friday, June 27, 2008
I'm such a girl when it comes to bugs, worms, toads and anything else creepy, crawly and with more limbs than me - especially spiders.

I had let my flowerbeds go all summer without any TLC and the weeds were starting to choke out the rose bushes that my brown thumb has managed to kill off all but 3 of so far. So, I took on the jungle that was my flower bed and I think I screeched and ran at least 8 times.

First, there are some bags of grass on our back porch waiting for trash day. The flies are loving these bags of rotting, wet grass so I'm constantly waving my arms to keep them away from me. Flies are gross! Second, there are these little gnat like bugs buzzing around one end of the bed and they are creepy because they are so small you never know where they might end up. Ears, eyes, nose, other places I can't reach...the possibilites are endless. Those two combined probably caused 4 of the screeches and much arm flailing and running.

As I'm pulling these weeds I kept thinking "This would be an ideal home for a toad" followed by the thought, "I hope I don't come across a toad". You guessed it...I did. Two of them. Screeches #5 and #6.

Then the coup de grace (yay, for 2 years of French in high school! That just paid off). My gardening shoe slips off my foot and I discover (gack) a squished, (gah) dead (blech) worm. IT.TOUCHED.MY.FOOT. And then it died on my foot. Touching it. With it's dead slimy body. Screeches #7 and #8 followed by much ewwwwing, gagging and frantic rubbing of the foot on the grass and slamming of the shoe on the ground to get the carcass out.

I just pretended not to see that spiderweb later on because I was plain old worn out. This was not a fun day.


Blogger Kristin said...

LOL Anne...I'm sorry but this gave me such a good life picturing all of this taking place! I'm sure if your neighbors were watching they would have been cracking up!

Blogger Karol said...

LMFAO! Sorry, but this was very comical picturing this! Hope your garden is pretty now!

Blogger KC said...

Ha ha Ha. You are the same as me. I am always screaming when I am in the back garden. I was quite proud of myself a few weeks ago when I was weeding the garden and a spider was on my leg. I didn't freak out or yell.

Blogger Tammy said...

Ooooo Yucko! Too funny, though. I hate bugs, too. =)

Blogger Tiffanie said...

oh snap - i hate all of the things you mentioned. if it is an insect of any kind i hate it and run away screaming. i was especially horrified when you were talking about those little bugs around your "bed." at first i thought you actually meant the bed you sleep in. clearly my fear of bugs prohibits me from any sort of gardening.

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