I was a young fashionista
Wednesday, June 25, 2008
If you know me now, you would know that clothes are not something that drive me or interest me too terribly much. Mostly because they cost money and I DO NOT like to spend money. If you knew me when I was little you would think I was destined to a fashion critic or something.

Example 1 - I heard this one from my mother because I was entirely too young to remember this. At 6 months of age every time my mom tried to put a particular outfit on me I would scream and scream until she took it off. She checked the outfit thoroughly to make sure nothing was scratching or poking me on the outfit and put it back on. I screamed and screamed until she took it off. She tried the outfit a few more times on different days and every time I would scream while it was on. She finally decided I just didn't like it and stopped trying to put it on me.

Example 2 - Halloween in Kindergarten. I didn't have a costume for the annual Halloween parade at school so my aunt loaned me the costume her son had worn a few years before. It was a pumpkin outfit that you stuffed with newspaper to make it big and round. I refused to wear it because A. it was orange and B. it made me look fat. I was 5 people!!

Example 3 - In first grade I was at the sitter's after school one day and pee'd my pants (I know, 6 is a little old for pants peeing, but whatever. I watched a girl in my 2nd grade class pee her in pants in the middle of gym class, so there!). The sitter made me put on these hideous, 70's, plaid bell bottoms that belonged to her daughter. I refused to go outside after she made me wear those and hid in the basement until my mom came to pick me and my brother up after work.

Example 4 - I got my first real hairstyle at a real beauty salon in the 4th grade. I made my dad do a photoshoot with me in my favorite shirt and shorts because I was pretty!

After writing all that out I realize that I was just a vain, superficial, little shit growing up. I obviously didn't have any self-esteem issues.


Blogger Jill said...

too freaking cute! I can totally see Little Mackenzie doing that stuff!

Blogger Red Headed Mama said...

Love it!

I refused to wear jeans as a kid b/c I said they made me look fat. I didn't wear jeans until I was in the 6th grade and even then it was rare.

Blogger KC said...

You were a sassy little girl!

Blogger Tammy said...

I'm with you. Love fashion, but dont want to spend the money on it. LOL Your childhood examples made me laugh. =)

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