Too scared to turn around
Friday, August 01, 2008
Overheard behind me at work:

- Slap sound.
Intern #1: It's not tingling yet. I like when it tingles. Oh, now it's tingling!
Intern #2: Were you backing off? Let's try it again!
- Grunting sound.
Intern #2: Try harder. Harder. Oh, hey! That's pretty good!
- Giggling and they both leave.

Join me in being too scared to turn around.


Blogger Jill said...

I think they do this stuff to see how you'll react.

Blogger kccat said...

OMG!! What kind of interns do you have over there. Wow. The special kind I guess.

Blogger Karol said...

hmmm...don't have an idea, without being a pervert, to guess what it is.

Blogger JenM said...

OMG! Too funny. I immediately had thoughts of naughtiness.

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