My Fried Green Tomatoes Moment
Saturday, November 15, 2008
I tried to hit up the grocery store for some gift cards (fuel perks rock!) today while the husband is driving to another state for a car part. This means that the daughter has to come with me. I feed her, pack up the car and get us both in it while it's still relatively dry out. I get to the grocery store and as I pull into the parking lot I see a herd of teenage girls leave the store and pile into a black VW Jetta that just happens to be parked in the new parents with children spot. Fine on any other day, but the lot is completely packed and it just started raining. Not just a pissy drizzling rain, but a full-on buckets of water on your head rain. I drive round and round waiting for the teeny-boppers to move their fucking car and they still haven't moved. I see the teeny-driver texting on her cell phone as the rest of the herd giggles in the car. This is when I had a daydream that involved driving my SUV right up the ass end of her little hatchback. You know, something like this:

I resisted because I don't have better insurance and I probably would have made the daughter cry by yelling "Towanda!" out of my window as I drove away cackling.


Blogger kccat said...

Hahahahhaha. Great post.

Blogger Amy said...

Ahhhh.... to be able to do the things we really wanted to do.

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