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Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Said to me by my husband as he walked out the door with our daughter in his hands on his way to daycare. "Lock the door behind me. I can't have one of the 2 most precious things in this world hurt or stolen." You can say it with me...aaaaaawwwwwww!

There is nothing quite like a long luxurious back arching stretch after sitting for a long time in one spot. The kind where you raise your arms over your head and lean back until you see stars. Those are the best. Unless you lean too far back, hit your head on the glass shelf behind you and then stub your pinky toe so bad it almost tears the nail off. Those aren't as great.

I love geek humor. Overheard at work today.
Geek 1: Having that could be considered an excess.
Geek 2 (butting in): I have that on my computer! Version 2007!
Ok, I guess you have to be geeky to think this was funny.


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