The Husband's Take on Fringe
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
We watched the premiere of the new show, Fringe last night and I get this in my mail today from the husband.

I thought of something they could do on Fringe. You know how the blond woman was in a tank of salt water while tripping on LSD with a metal probe jammed into a her brain cord connected to a man with a flesh eating disease who wasn't conscious (for communication purposes of course)?

For the next episode, they should try to bring that guy back to life: AKA reanimation. This time: they should place her in a tub while wearing blue lingerie (because for this to work correctly, our bimbo in question must be fully or partially nude?). The doctor, his son, and the cow can then urinate on her to fill the tub up with some liquid (we all know that for reanimation to work properly, there must be at least 24 ozs of fresh urine).

Then they throw a toaster in the water to cause her to have an electrical shock and club her over the head with a baseball bat to make sure she temporarily dies, which in turn gets the other guy living again.

The doc can then bring bimbo back to life afterwards with a jolt of 220 or 440 electrical current because the urine smell would help preserve her body.

Oh yeah.........huge fan of the show and I'm sure my logic correlates just as well as the doc's.


I actually liked the show, but you know I'm not much of a critic.


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