Tuesday, September 02, 2008
I'm not one to be easily annoyed by words and idiosyncracies of human nature, but I've recently found (not so much of) a word that pushes my super, annoyed button.

Chillaxin' or chillax.

Being a user of the word combinations myself (in-freaking-credible, ri-goddamn-diculous and fantabulous are some personal faves) I could give 2 (or 3 or 6) shits about people using them in general. I can't even pinpoint the exact reason why the combination of chill and relax bothers me so much. I'll just leave it at - it bugs the shit (7 or 8 of them) out of me.

Any (not so much) words or word combinations that bother you?


Blogger Michael said...

I just sort of stumbled in here.... but I know exactly what you mean. While I can't put my finger on a specific word or phrase at the moment, a recent conversation with my wife produced one that annoys her-- variations of "bang".

Example: You have X things to take care of before leaving work. "I'm going to go bang this stuff out real quick... then I'll be leaving."

"Jill and Liz are banging out that report; we'll send it over as soon as it's done."

I make it a point to weave it into as many sentences as possible around the house now. =)

Blogger Michael said...

I remembered while at dinner this evening... "hella".
I can't stand that word, and I've no idea how or why it became a trend.

Blogger Amy said...

Chillax reminds me of Exlax which leads to pooing.

I'm just chillax-ing tonight.
Ew... I don't need to know that. ::shudders::

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