Size DOES Matter
Tuesday, August 26, 2008
I hate shopping and yes, I am a girl. I should clarify that statement. I love shopping for other people and hate shoppping for myself (unless there are shoes involved). Since I was recently pregnant I finally rid myself of the old 80's style high waisted, tapered leg pants that I was wearing to work. Those sad garments were ripping at the seams, (Can you say "crotch hole"?) shredding at the cuff and zippers were being held up by safety pins. I wasn't going to be wearing them for approximately 9 months anyway, so I put them in the trash knowing I would have to replace them after I lost the baby weight (HA!) in March or April.

I fought the longest I could, continuing to wear the cotton-stretch, yoga pants I wore all through my pregnancy until it just wasn't looking professional and I felt like a total loser in my cotton-stretch, yoga pants. I went shopping this weekend. Here is the problem with shopping, I'm a pear. A full on pear shaped person. Basically, this means I have a size 8 or 10 ass with a size 4 waist. I've got ghetto bootie. This makes trying on buying pants excruciatingly painful. A few years ago I found a style of Dockers that fit everywhere and they were a size 6. I was in heaven. I only bought 2 pairs of these pants though and wearing the same 2 pairs of pants over and over again all week would get me labeled something unfortunate at work.

Meanwhile, back at the store, I found some more Dockers, but these were not my beautiful Dockers of past. These were size 8 Dockers with a size 8 waist. Not good. I stuck with Stacy and Clinton's (I'm trying to avoid getting nominated for that show, I really am!) suggestion to dress the biggest part of me, but now I have plumber butt. I hate wearing belts. They cut into my waist and bunch the pants up and just looks bad, bad, bad. So, now what? Do I go to a tailor? Can they even fix pants like this without putting in pleats (which are the devil you know!!)? You can yell at me later for buying 3 pairs of these poorly fitting pants, but they do make my butt look good (according to the husband at least).


Blogger andrea said...

get your ghetto booty to the tailer!! I have this problem a lot - big hips, small waist = huge gap in my pants!! I have had so many pairs tailored from a size 6 or 8 to a 4 in the waist, sans pleats! If they know what they are doing, you will be golden

Blogger kccat said...

Great blog. Made me smile. Clothing is just evil. Nuf said.

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