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Friday, October 10, 2008
I've left the house on a Thursday evening to go to the grocery store. I'm tired. Really, really tired from the week already, but we need food. I get to the register and the young man can't scan my box of wine, (we're klassy buying our boxed wine) so he has to get someone older than 18 to do it. The older than 18 cashier comes over and asks for my ID. She looks at it and glances at me. Then she looks at it again and types my birthdate into the register. Then she says the following to me:

"I never would have guessed you at that age. You look sooo much younger."

I thank her profusely and tell her I really needed to hear that on that particular day. I went home quite a bit less tired than when I left. Compliments are an amazing energy booster.


Blogger Tiffanie said...

nice job looking like a young hottie! perhaps the boxed wine helped:) that is hilarious. i haven't had it since college the first time around and it was not kind to me. good luck!

Blogger kccat said...

I love when that happens!! Enjoy it while it lasts.

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