Stupid is as stupid does
Sunday, October 05, 2008
There's this show called Top Design on Bravo that comes on after the holy grail of reality shows, Project Runway. I caught one of these Top Design shows where they had the challenge of designing a fall-out shelter/bunker that you could live in for the rest of their lives. There's a young lady on this show named, Natalie and this is Natalie's inspiration for her bunker.

7 seconds into this clip...

Here is what Natalie said if you missed it or were a little confused by her rambling.
If the world was to end and I could plan it because I was a god, it would have to be something stupid, like the Chinese have built the transformers to bomb us back because they were PISSED about the the Hiroshima bomb.

Then as if that statement weren't enough she used the word chillaxin' to describe her bunker. Natalie needs to be kicked off.


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