I hate peas
Saturday, September 27, 2008
Seriously, hate them. Yes, hate is a strong word, yet, oh so appropriate. What I also hate? When people put peas in perfectly good food thinking that will make the peas or the food better. No, it does not. It just makes the perfectly good food bad and wrong and evil. The pestilent power of the pea is just that poweful. Why do you put peas in a lovely pasta dish with creamy sauce and tender chunks of chicken? What could possibly make someone think that the pasta salad they are bringing to the picnic needs peas? Who in their right mind violates the perfect nirvana of macaroni noodles and melted cheese by blending in a mushy, green badness? Who does this? Borrowing a term from a dumb-ass I won't name on my blog, I think they are evil-doers. Only evil-doers could possibly devise the violation of such celestial and refreshing dishes.

Are there any foods you hate enough that they can ruin your most favorite meal in the whole entire world?


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Blogger Amy said...

Nutmeg in anything that's not coffee house.

Blogger Becky said...

I think I love you.......I thought I was the only one in the world that hated peas this much!

Blogger kccat said...

I HATE peas too. I usually use the word taint (the clean version not the dirty version) to decribe food when it has been touched or mixed it with another yucky food I hate. I can't eat something if it's been tainted by another food that has a strong odor or taste such as pickles. Ewww. Pickles ruin everything. They leave their yucky juices on everything leaving everything in it's path to taste and smell of pickles. Blahhh. Gag.

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