The 5 Senses
Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Things I've Seen
- A man driving an exact replica of the General Lee*.
- Someone throwing buckets of water out of their second story window. I thought this became passe (huh, I wonder where I can get one of those little accent marks they use in other languages...) in the 1700's.
- A man riding a bike with one of those baby carts behind it but no baby in the cart. No, he had his dog in it.
- Myself using scissors to cut the little bits of flaking plastic/rubber off of the heel of my boot.

Things I've Heard
- My daughter telling her toys about her dreams the night before, "Wa, wa, wa, ba, ba, da-da-da-da-da, ra-ra, pthbt, ma-ma-ma-ma-ma."
- The crunch of metal against metal when I saw (Damn! This could have been under Things I've Seen) a small car rear-end a utility truck. The utility truck didn't even budge.
- The husband telling me he loves me.
- My Zappo's bargain boots making that squeaky-squeaky sound when I walk like that little organ playing lady in Sixteen Candles makes when she walks. Except, I didn't have a flask in my purse.

Things I've Smelled
- Dog food puke with solid chunks of poo in it. I shit you not. My dog is a shit-eater.
- My daughter's freshly bathed head. Nothing like it in the world.
- My daughter's freshly soiled diaper. Nothing like it in the world.**
- Wet, dead worms on the pavement.
- Cocoa butter lotion. Smells like chocolate. I love it!

Things I've Touched
- A candy bar still in the wrapper that I couldn't open and then consume (stupid dairy elimination diet).
- My daughter's soft little fingers touching my cheeks right before she landed a big wet one on my nose.
- Snow on my face.
- My husband's rough beard.

Things I've Tasted
- A not so fresh pear.***
- Tomato basil hummus with pita bread that wasn't as good as the sundried tomato hummus with pita bread.
- Orbit Wintergreen gum.
- The lotion on my thumb (smells like, but does not taste like chocolate) when I licked it to wipe off the schmutz on my daughter's face. I've become my mother.

* Dukes of Hazzard Yeeee-haaaaawwwww!
** I'll let you decide which is better.
*** PSA - check your fruit ripeness being sinking your teeth into it. You'll thank me for this.


Blogger kccat said...

This post made me laugh. Thanks.

Blogger Brooke said...

OMG that cracked me up. I loved the part about the squeeky shoes and the lady from 16 candels.

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