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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
I'm not a political person at all and don't consider myself for one party or another. I do vote in all the elections though because I've been told it's important*.

I have voted in 5 presidential elections (that my vote counted) and I thought my voting record for backing a winner was interesting. I'll throw in the 2 elections I got to "vote" on as part of school projects as well, although my 3rd grade judgement is a bit circumspect**.

My voting record is 2-5.

Not a very good record is it? I will say that one of those losers went to Ross Perot. I was a sad, sad voter. Hopefully, my record is on the rebound now though.

* Told since I was conceived just how important it is.
** Carter is easier to rhyme than Reagan when you're creating a campaign slogan. Maybe he really is smarter.


Blogger Brooke said...

I was a sad sad voter in 2004. I'm much happer now.

Blogger kccat said...

Carter is smarter. LOL that is great. Good thing the real campaigns don't do that otherwise we would have Obama on a llama and McCain on a plane.

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