The sinners we be..
Monday, October 09, 2006
My husband and I attended a wedding a few weeks ago in a beautiful 1800's gothic style catholic church. The kind with the huge stained glass windows and those soaring ceilings all made of some kind of expensive stone like marble or granite or really fancy looking cement (I don't know anything about architecture if you didn't notice already). This was your typical full catholic mass wedding too so we were sitting, standing, sitting, standing, sitting, standing in this really old church with the most uncomfortable pews, kneelers that don't allow you to stretch your legs out at all and by god the was COLD. I was convinced the church must have shifted down to hell (which in my mind should be cold not hot because cold is that much worse) in order to atone for the sins of the pedophiliac priests.

But I digress. My husband and I (2 very proud sinners) are at this full catholic mass wedding and they get to the whole shaking hands and wishing each other peace part (I still remember this stuff from my 4 years of catholic church attendance and I'm not even catholic) and we partake in the shaking and peacing and suddenly my ass gets smacked, by my husband, in this most holy of old holy (and drafty - it was cold) churches. I was mortified! My childhood church brainwashing, er, I mean upbringing kicked in for a minute until I realized my very first inclination was to smack his ass right back. I should have just done it because according to all those religions we're going to hell anyway. I better pack my fuzzy hat because my ears get cold when I sin too much.


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