OCD vs. Lazy - We have a winner!
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
I was at a training seminar a few weeks ago and stopped in the ladies room after lunch on the first day. When I got into the stall my eyes were seared by the sight of the toilet paper hanging the wrong way on the wall. I won't go into details on how wrong it was (debates could be had for years about the correct method), but let's just say I had trouble breathing and my eyes were tearing up so much (from the aforementioned searing) I had to stabilize myself by hanging onto the purse hook. Luckily these were sturdily built stalls. My OCD immediately took action and corrected the offending roll of paper. Then I thought if this one stall was wrong the rest could also be wrong and I think I could have passed out for about 5 seconds at that point, I can't be sure. After coming to, lazy kicked in and said "Fuck it..." I got up, washed my hands and left.

Lazy 1 - OCD 0


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